Horizontal Design Features

Automation control production, improve economic efficiency,
to win the future.

Automation Universal (Multidirectional) Robot, high stability, flexibility, simple operation, the entire computer control to improve production efficiency, shorten cycle times and increase productivity, and can do to maximize production with minimal energy consumption.

Through the best performance to improve productivity, and achieve the highest accuracy.

Requirement analysis

By understanding for customer production and for customer’s process demand to carry on the modeling, and eventually formed the requirements specification.

Overall design

By analyzing the demand information, for the system’s external conditions and internal demand to carry on the modeling, and eventually formed the design description.

Detailed design

Execute detailed design that for the basis of demand and outline design.

Developed programming

System programming.

Testing analysis and system integration

Analog data test for all functional modules along with other related tests and integrated.

Onsite support

System On-line test run to execute onsite problem record and answer.

Electric Gripping Modules

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